Are You Newly Engaged?

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of how to do it right!

Ok, so there isn’t reeaaallly a right or wrong way to be engaged, but there are ways to make it the most enjoyable experience! Because being engaged means a wedding in the somewhat near future and planning a wedding is way more work than you may know. So, until that time comes, enjoy these tips on how to make the most out of your engagement!

DO announce it to everyone! This is an exciting time and receiving congratulations and well wishes from everyone is sure to put an even bigger smile on your already happy face.

DON’T start wedding planning! Yet… You don’t have to put it off forever, but as mentioned above, wedding planning can be stressful! So, put it on the backburner for a couple of weeks  (or more) and enjoy the bliss of being newly engaged.

DO have an engagement party. Although it is not a necessity, it is a great excuse to get your close friends and family together and celebrate YOU! 

DON’T forget about your partner! Make sure you are both in the spotlight and on the same page with everything from when you’ll start planning the wedding to who gets to hear the good news first. Remember that communication is key and one of the best starts to an everlasting relationship.

DO schedule engagement photos. Hire a professional photographer for a photo shoot and have fun with it! Capture the memories of your engagement, enjoy looking amazing and see your love for each other through someone else’s eyes.

DON’T worry if you have fights with your new fiancé. Sometimes it happens and it doesn’t make either of you love each other any less. Especially when you begin talking about the big things, like what you want out of marriage. Arguments can and will happen and it is completely normal!

DO be in the moment. Spend time together. Go on dates. Get away for a weekend if you can! Why not have a pre-honeymoon before the stress of wedding planning kicks in? 

DON’T forget about your friends. Sure, you are in love and want to spend all your time with hubby-to-be, but sometimes you need your social life to keep things in balance. Even during wedding planning and after you are married, make sure to schedule regular friend time!

DO insure your engagement ring. A lot of people don’t think about this, but it will give you peace of mind to know your new prized possession is safe.

DON’T expect everyone to be happy for you. And that is ok. Getting engaged can sometimes open your eyes to who does and does not have your back! As long as you can brush it off and move on with your extremely happy and exciting life, you are for the better.

And finally, DO be HAPPY! You are going to start the next chapter of your life with the person you love most and who loves you the most. This is your time and you deserve all the happiness that comes with being engaged.

Congratulations and best wishes to you!



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