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 I really enjoy being a part of the Manitoba Social groups on Facebook. I see some great questions people post and they get my wheels turning. So many things have changed since I had my wedding social an unmentionable amount of years ago. The rules are much “looser” now but I see a lot of struggles as well! Everyone wants to make sure they are following suit, not charging too much, have great prizes, and more. I see a lot of couples now buy most of their social prizes, as less and less business are donating to the cause. I remember asking all of my family (parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, siblings, etc) and even my wedding party to all donate something to the auction. We probably spent countless weekends soliciting businesses, handing out letters all over the city, and even asking friends with businesses (Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Scentsy, etc) to donate. In the end we had a great number of prizes and everything worked out well, as it will for you! Please click here for our Ultimate Social Checklist that covers everything you need for your social. We covered that in a previous blog that can be found found here  But for now, lets get to those miscellaneous social items!     The first question I want to address is “What Should Be On My Social Ticket?” This one is simple enough. Make sure you have the following important information:
1- Your names! People want to know WHO they are supporting!
2- The date and time, for obvious reasons…
3- Venue location with address. It is important to put the address so there are no mix-ups or your guests heading to the wrong venue!
4- Ticket price. Even though the standard price for a social ticket is $10 (if you’re charging more, there better be a good reason why; what makes it worth the extra $5?!), it is still good to put it on
5- Some optional items you could put on are: “Late Lunch”, “Door Prizes”, “Silent Auction”, etc…

     I also see a lot of people asking about a schedule for the night of their social. So I made it easy by putting one together for you here. You’ll need people to work all your sales for the night, and this is generally done by the wedding party, family or even close friends. Make sure you send a copy to each person who is helping you, plus have a few copies at your social just incase someone is forgetful! You can always email me here if you would like me provide you a copy with different time slots if your social is going until 2!     I am going to continue update this post as I see more questions, as opposed to creating new posts to address every little thing. So make sure the check back often and see what will cover! 
     Do you have a question you are looking for an answer to? Shoot me a message here and I will help you find the answer!

     Until we meet again,
​          Laura


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