Vendor Spotlight: Zairalyn Events

I first met Courtney Parker a few years ago when she came to my house to buy maternity clothes from me! We both live in small communities which are next to each other, so it didn’t take long to realize we had a mutual friend and that our mutual friends list would soon grow.

I remember in 2019 when Courtney first started Zairalyn Events. It was such an exciting time for her and I was rooting her on! Starting a business from scratch is a huge endeavor and I couldn’t wait to see Courtney’s success in the industry. In the fall of 2019, after shadowing weddings for the summer, Zairalyn Events was born.

Some of the best services Courtney provides as a wedding planner is the detailed schedule she provides for the couple’s wedding day. From getting hair done, to the last dance of the night, Courtney covers it all. She will help with decorating and she is always there to make sure everything runs smoothly from beginning to end. Courtney is definitely a hard worker and she is always going above and beyond to make that extra something special for the couple.

I asked Courtney the following questions, and here are her answers! 

Q: What is your favourite part about wedding planning? A: My favourite part of planning a wedding is seeing the results at the end of the night of the couples faces and [them] hugging me with joy, that their day went smoothly with me there, taking care of all the little details they didn’t expect. Their faces lighten up.

Q: What was your wedding planning highlight from 2020? A: My highlight of 2020, was creating pop up weddings during the pandemic, a smaller wedding for a shorter time with a smaller guest list. Everything included for a small package price. 

Q: In your opinion, why should future brides and grooms hire a wedding planner? A: Hiring an event planner takes away all the little stress that occurs during the day. We handle the questions from all the vendors to guest questions as well. We make sure the day is on time for you.

Courtney is creating a business where all customers can come to build their wedding from her wedding vender connections. She wants to ensure the Zairalyn Events can provide couples with amazing packages at a great price, but really, it’s about building a relationship with their couples. Getting to know them and knowing what they are wanting for their wedding is what they thrive it.

Courtney is there for her couples for every little moment on their special day. Her and her team work hard all day and night so couples can enjoy the party with their guests and not worry about anything. 

From a vendor perspective, we love working with Courtney and Zairalyn Events at weddings! Courtney definitely gets the job done and makes our job easier with cues and ensuring we get our music from the couples on time. We really enjoyed working with her at several events in 2020 and look forward to working with her more in 2021 and beyond! 


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