A Heap of Songs for Your Leap Year

What a crazy concept – an extra day in a year every 4 years! It honestly doesn’t feel like we have any extra time, we still have 5 day weeks and only a 2 day weekend… why couldn’t we have added a “Sunturday” in on the weekend to really take advantage of the extra day? Wishful thinking…
    There is however a real need for the leap year, and it’s not just some fictitious idea. The extra day helps keep the calendar year in sync with the astronomical year, or in alignment with earth’s revolutions around the sun. If we didn’t account for the extra day, over time our season’s would slowly change and in a few hundred years Christmas would be in summer!
     For those of you born on February 29th, which we do have a friend who is, I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays! To think your birthday only comes once every 4 years. I hope that every 4 years your celebrations are big and memorable events.
     I really enjoy the challenge of putting together a playlist to fit the theme of what I write about. Leap year was not only a lot of fun, but I love how I am reminded of old songs of the past and how I am introduced to new songs as well. Each song below is linked to its own youtube video, or you can click here to listen to the entire youtube playlist! Enjoy 🙂

     Just another day,

👟  👟  👟 
⏳ More Time – Julianna Townsend
⏳​ Just Another Day – Jon Secada
⏳ Stay Another Day – East 17
⏳ Leap Year – Maria Taylor
⏳ Another Day – Jamie Lidell
⏳ One More Day – Diamond Rio
⏳ One Leap – Joshua Radin
⏳ 29 – Loic Nottet 
⏳ One More Day – Lee Brice
⏳ Another Day – Pomplamoose
⏳ Leap – The Cave Singers
⏳ 29 – Gin Blossoms
⏳ Leap of Faith – Bruce Springsteen
⏳ The Longest Time – Billy Joel


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