The Ultimate All Around Sound Social Checklist

I really want to focus these next few posts during the month of April on Socials because I know from experience how they can be stressful. My social was held in April a number of years ago, and I remember all the hustle and bustle to put on the event. I personally did not want to have a social but my now husband convinced me that it was a good idea. Was it worth it? I guess so. We did make some money which was helpful to pay for some of the elements of our wedding. But every moment leading up to the social date had me in a frenzy making sure everything was lined up and that we didn’t forget anything. Would I have cared if we did not have a social? Not in the slightest! But that is just me, and my opinion on my own social. Your decision on whether or not to have a social is really based on you. Do you have the time to organize it? The money for upfront costs? People who are willing to help you? A large circle of family and friends to fill the hall and ensure your social is a success? These things are important to consider whether or not to have a social, but are not the be-all-end-all! I personally have never heard of a social that has lost money, so in the end you can expect to walk away with extra cash and a great night! Socials really can be great and people enjoy going to them! I mean who doesn’t love cheap drinks, a chance to win great prizes, and fun party?!
I have put together for you a three page ultimate social checklist to help you get a glimpse of what is all involved in planning your social. This is especially helpful if you are still on the fence about it. If you are just starting the planning process this list will help you get started and to get a grasp on what steps you need to take next. If your social is just around the corner then this list will help you make sure you haven’t forgotten a thing!
Along with this checklist to help you out, a few pieces of advice I have would be to start early with everything so you are not scrambling last minute. Enlist help. As much as you can. People are more willing to help than you know, and having help will make things so much easier on you! Lastly, have a good time. Make some memories with your family and friends, enjoying every moment along the way. Sure this is a way to make some money for your upcoming wedding, but this is also a time to celebrate! I wish you much success on your social and hope that it ends up being a great time. <3 ​ Stay tuned for our next post on Top Classic Social Songs coming here soon! Socially, ​ Laura


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