Why You Should Hire a Professional DJ

Anyone can play music, but it takes a DJ to make your day truly special

If you find yourself contemplating whether to book a professional DJ for your special event, here is your sign to say yes! Hiring a DJ may not be at the top of your priority list when it comes to planning a gathering of any kind, but the music and overall atmosphere of an event can create lasting memories for you and your guests. Rather than trusting a friend who has “decent taste in music” to run your evening’s entertainment, trust a professional and enjoy the experience.

Not just anyone has the expertise to keep an entire venue full of guests of various ages having a great time. A DJ has the knowledge and correct software to play an unlimited variety of songs that are sure to keep everyone happy. Reading a room full of people and choosing the right song to fill the dance floor takes skill and experience. Many DJs are also asked to make announcements to the guests, such as the entrance of the wedding party, special dances, and anything else the host would require. The DJ can often become the person that leads the entire event and choosing to hire a professional is an essential step in guaranteeing that everything runs smoothly.

When it comes to playing music at an event, having the right equipment is just as important as having the right songs. If one side of the venue can’t hear the music coming from the speakers you brought from home, there’s not much use in using them. A professional DJ will ensure that your entire venue can hear the crisp sound coming from a high-quality sound system. Many people also overlook the importance of professional microphones for toasts and announcements. A DJ will provide several microphones and will ensure that anyone using the mic can be heard clearly from anywhere in the room. Regardless of your choice of venue, a DJ will have the right equipment for your perfect day!

Beyond the right type of equipment and your DJ knowing how to play the right music, there is also all the behind the scenes stuff that you many not know about. A professional DJ will hold a music license that allows music to legally be played at an event. A professional DJ will be fully insured so no matter what happens, accidents and incidents will be covered! A professional DJ will also be part of an association so they are always on top of everything in the DJ world. You can trust that we will bring you the best music and our training keeps us up with all the latest and greatest in the event world.

When you hire a DJ, you are also hiring an entire service that can provide so much more than music. All Around Sound can provide entertainment and fun for all of your guests through our many services. If you’re looking to add more excitement to your event, All Around Sound is proud to offer live music and lighting systems as well as photo booth and game rentals that are sure to keep the party going!

Hiring a professional DJ for your special event will allow you to sit back and truly enjoy the amazing day you have planned. On a busy day full of excitement and anticipation, the last thing you should have to worry about is the music and entertainment for your guests. Hiring a DJ will give you peace of mind and will enable you to enjoy all the work you’ve put into your event. Anyone can play music, but it takes a DJ to make your day truly special!

Don’t worry about a thing, we’ve got you covered!

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