Your Wedding is Not a Surprise Party for the Groom!

Brides – this one is for you! Planning a wedding is an absolutely overwhelming event. I don’t think most brides and grooms-to-be really know what goes into the process until they begin getting their feet wet.

One way to really bring some of the stress levels down is to make sure both partners play their part in the planning process. It may be easier said than done, but with these strategies you might get hubby-to-be more involved than he planned to be!

  1. Find out what parts are most important to him. He may not care about flowers, bridesmaid dresses or how you are going to do your hair, but he may want to be the one to choose your DJ or plan the bar. Once you both figure out what he is most passionate about in regards to your wedding day, let him have those tasks as his and cross them off your list. Check!
  • What tasks does he HAVE to do? This is where he has no choice in the matter. Plus he should be able to do them on his own. Some of these include choosing tuxes, picking his groomsmen and asking them to be by his side, writing his vows, making his list of invitees and gathering their mailing addresses and figuring out his pre wedding grooming (haircut, shave, etc). Plus, he should choose the song he’d like to dance with his mother to! Check Check!
  • Then there are the tasks that really should be done together. Number one on this list is choosing your budget. Find out where your funds are coming from and where to allocate them to. Some other aspects of this category are choosing your venue, your officiant, wedding bands, MC (or emcee, or master of ceremonies), gifts for your wedding party and parents, honeymoon location, first dance, seating arrangements and writing your speeches. Check Check Check!
  • Lastly, there are the tasks that could be done together, but if he is really resistant to it, you may have to get the help from parents or your wedding party. This includes, but is not limited to, choosing your invitations, your RSVP deadline, catering options, cake, late night snack, day-of timeline, processional and recessional songs, and other important songs. Check-ish…

Once you can break this down, it can really take a lot off your plate and make the planning process a bit more enjoyable. There is no need to be overwhelmed with everything as the bride. Remember, this is his day too and he should take part in creating a day that you are BOTH wanting. A wedding is NOT a surprise party for the groom. Get him involved and have a fabulous wedding day together!




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