Top 15 Songs About Queens!

May Long Weekend marks the first long weekend of summer! June is just around the corner and warm days are ahead of us. Thankfully Queen Victoria’s birthday is still recognized today, giving us a reason to have a day off in May! For my family and me, the long weekend is filled with birthday parties, getting the garden ready for planting, and a lot of time spent outside. I’m sure many of you are camping, spending time with family or just enjoying an extra day off from work! 
     Queen Victoria was born on May 24th 1819, and her birthday was recognized as a Canadian holiday in 1845.  She passed away in 1901 after reigning for more than 63 years. Although the holiday used to only be observed on the 24th of May (or the 25th if the 24th fell on a Sunday), in 1952 it was decided the holiday would be observed the Monday on or before the 24th. Not that many of us mind a day off any day of the week, but it is definitely nice to have an extended weekend. And what long weekend isn’t complete without music to go along with it!? I can’t wait for you to hear what I’ve put together for you!
    When deciding what list to make for you to enjoy, I had a few angles I could have run with. I decided to go with songs about queens because Victoria Day is all about Queen Victoria’s birthday. I was torn between birthday songs or songs byQueen (though that would have been a long list, Queen has so many hits!) but I enjoyed the variety I was able to pull up with songs about queens. There are SO many songs out there about queens, and I didn’t want to overwhelm the list with too many, so it was tough to narrow it down to only 15! But just because a song didn’t make the list, it doesn’t mean it is not great. Here are 15 of the top songs enjoyed by me that are about queen’s. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

     Happy Victoria Day!

πŸ‘‘ Queens Don’t – RaeLynn

πŸ‘‘ Queen – Shawn Mendes

πŸ‘‘ Kings & Queens – Mat Kearney

πŸ‘‘ Rocket Queen – Guns N’ Roses

πŸ‘‘ Queen of California – John Mayer

πŸ‘‘ Queen – Loren Gray

πŸ‘‘ Killer Queen – Queen

πŸ‘‘ Acid Queen – Tina Turner

πŸ‘‘ Queen of Hearts – Juice Newton

πŸ‘‘ Queen – Ayokay ft. Quinn XCII

πŸ‘‘ March of the Black Queen – Queen

πŸ‘‘ Ice Queen – Within Temptation

πŸ‘‘ Queen Jane Approximately – Bob Dylan

πŸ‘‘ Queen of the Slipstream – Van Morrison
πŸ‘‘ Dancing Queen – ABBA


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