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I was instantly drawn towards Leanne when I first met her. She was so bubbly and welcoming, and I automatically thought that I now have a new friend. Although Covid has kept us apart (both professional and as friends!), I know I can count on Leanne to always bring a smile on my face.

Leanne has always loved helping others and loves celebrating everything! These two things naturally fit into wedding planning and after helping a family friend at their wedding as well as coordinating their wedding, Leanne knew this was what she not only wanted, but NEEDED to do! Having a couple trust her with their big day was an honour to Leanne and she left that wedding on a high. She has them to thank for her falling in love with planning weddings.

Although Leanne has been doing event planning for over a decade, she started wedding planning just over 6 years ago. What started out as helping family and friends turned into a business just over 3 years ago! Prairie Sky Events is about to enter its fourth season and Leanne loves each and every wedding she is a part of.

I asked Leanne what her favourite part of wedding planning is and of course she answered, 100% the people! Leanne is such a people person and I believe every person she meets loves her just as much as she loves them. 

Leanne has this incredible ability to take stress away from clients not only on their wedding day but all the days leading up to it. Clients leave the decision making, problem solving and hosting in the hands of Prairie Sky Events so they can be the guests of honour and truly be a part of their event, worry free. Prairie Sky Events will guide guests, take care of vendors and closely watch the timeline to make sure everything runs smoothly.

I truly believe that what makes Leanne stand out from other wedding planners is her personality and her philosophy on weddings. Leanne is a very bright and vibrant person in both her style and personality. The most important things about choosing your planner are if you like them and if you can get along with them. You need to be around your planner all day and spend a lot of upfront time working with them, so your relationship with your planner is huge! 

As for Leanne’s philosophy, she’s a little different than most. She doesn’t believe that people have to get married, but that it is an opportunity to celebrate the love you have and to demonstrate that love to everyone who means something to you both. Leanne believes weddings should be about who the couple is both separately and together. We are celebrating them together as a couple but also who they are as individuals!

Summer of 2020 was obviously a bit different in terms of weddings, but Leanne was honoured to officiate her first wedding and did an amazing job. I was lucky to be at that wedding and Leanne was truly a natural. Leanne has proudly navigated so many tough circumstances from postponements, cancellations and tweaking special days to fit the current restrictions. This was a tough season for everyone, and Leanne was there to support her clients through the worst of it.

I asked Leanne what the future of her business looks like, her answer is as follows: “The future of Prairie Sky Events is to keep growing, developing skills and becoming even better event planners for our clients. We have an upcoming rebrand that will better align with who we are now at Prairie Sky Events and the direction I feel we are going to as well. It has been a fun but long process to rebrand, but I am very very excited about it.”

Finally, an important note is that Prairie Sky Events is an inclusive company working hard for all of their clients regardless of race, religion or sexuality. They want to celebrate you and who you are no matter what! They create and execute fun, vibrant and personable events and they believe that there is always a reason to celebrate. Creating memories is their mission with you at the center of the party. 

When you hire Prairie Sky Events, you are guaranteed not to be working on your wedding day. The days is stressful enough with so many moving parts. This wedding planning team with make sure your day is one of your best days to remember!


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