Pop-Up Weddings – All the Rage?

Um.... YES!

Two weeks to flatten the curve and here we are a year later wondering if there is any end in sight. The worst part is that the wedding industry seems to be on the back burner every time a restriction is lifted, leaving thousands of couples wondering if they can go ahead with their wedding or not! And it is not just couples who are living in a state of unknown, every wedding vendor is wondering when they will get to work again. It leaves us with very few options, but options nonetheless!

Whereas some couples are completely fine postponing their wedding to future dates (and sometimes a year or 2 away from their original plans), there are some that feel they need to tie the knot as soon as possible for many reasons. Perhaps they want to get started on growing their family. Maybe they need to be married before they can live together. Maybe they want to have the same last name to sign mortgage documents. Whatever the case may be, we can all agree there are a lot of couples who simply do not want to wait another “2 weeks” (months? Years?!) and want to get married now!

2020 was the first year we heard of Pop-Up Weddings. I was approached by wedding planner Courtney Parker from Zairalyn Events, who was planning and coordinating pop-up weddings and looking for music to add to the package. She first heard of the idea for Pop-Up Weddings from another wedding professional and created her own version of the idea to accommodate couples here in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. Needless to say, we very happily and excitedly agreed to provide not only DJ services, but live music as well. Yay! We were going to get to work again! 

And off we went, joining Zairalyn Events and a team of other wedding professionals to help several couples get married at beautiful wedding venues surrounding Winnipeg.

So, what IS a Pop-Up Wedding? It is a lifesaver for many couples. Think of your entire wedding day planned almost completely for you at a fraction of the cost of your big day. Somewhat of an elopement, but you literally get you wipe your hands clean from any of the stress. You show up dressed and Courtney does the rest!

SO here is the scoop: you get to walk down the aisle and marry your loved one in front of your closest family and friends (depending on gathering limits of course.) You will have a cake and flowers, as well as wedding favours and you can get your hair and makeup done. The venue will be decorated, an officiant will be waiting to wed you and after you are pronounced married, you can have a first dance. And to top it all off, there will be a photographer to capture all your moments! YES! This is all included in the package!

Although there is a time limit, it is a generous amount of time to accommodate your special day. Show up dressed in your wedding attire and have the photographer take pictures of your first look. Get married and have a small cocktail hour where you can cut your cake, have a first dance and take family photos. Head out as a married couple and celebrate in the manner you wish and be happy to know that you still got to get married! With the money you save from having a Pop-Up Wedding, why not plan a large reception with family and friends once restrictions are lifted? Maybe for your 1-year anniversary? Play a slide show of your wedding, have a dinner and dance and celebrate!

There are many benefits to having a Pop-Up Wedding, especially if you are set on getting married sooner than later. If all my reasons above don’t already have your wheels turning and contemplating a Pop-Up Wedding, then I suggest you contact Courtney from Zairalyn Events to get the ball rolling for you. This 2-weeks-turned-into-1-year shows that the future of gathering sizes for weddings is still very unknown. If you can wait, then by all means wait, but if you are wanting to get married and waiting is not an option for you, consider a Pop-Up Wedding.


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